Activity Completion Report Template

Activity Completion Report Template

Download our Activity Completion Report Template to track the activities in a company. Recent trends at the workplace state that only a number of employees are dedicated to their work while others are not actively participating in the work.

Moreover, this template expresses that the venture has finished, either toward the finish of the end-stage or for another reason in a prior stage. The project manager is, therefore, able to plan for the future efficiently!

Download weekly activity report as it empowers directors to track their workers’ execution and advance at all levels. Typically project managers don’t have room schedule-wise or face to face to converse with each worker about every week by week and this may lead to lower productivity!

Format of Activity Completion Report Template

Our activity completion reports are a productive method to impart all undertakings, errands, and advances of all the days of the week. Let’s have a look at its format:

Activity Completion Report Template

Completion tracking

Select the one by clicking on the arrow button and look out for choices.

You may find, do not indicate activity completion, students can manually mark the activity as completed and show activity as complete when conditions are met.

Require view

A manager must view this section and select the tick if the activity is completed.


A certain activity needs to be performed by employees with specific skills. Mention the grade here for the skills required to participate in this activity!

Require status

Some of your employees completely participated in the activity while some have participated timely. Tick the box with which is close for the specific employee

Expect completed Via Activity Completion Report Template

Once the above sections are done, you need to enter the expected completion date for the activity.

Along these lines project managers can show the top management regarding the activity and the expected date of its completion! However, the manager must know to clearly state the details and keep it error-free to set the right milestones for the project!

Umair Iqbal