Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel (WBS)

wbs work package

Work breakdown structure (WBS) is a project management tool that is being used by different organizations and project managers. Basically, it’s a technique that split up the whole project plan into small pieces of tasks and work packages.

This WBS technique is more effective to manage and evaluate and assign tasks to team members or groups. This tool also helps us to focus on project core deliverables, tasks, milestones.

In megaprojects, there are sub-projects within a megaproject that are called work packages or sub-tasks. Example:

wbs work package

WBS Template in Project Management

  1. There are several benefits to using the WBS template in project management:
  2. It helps to evaluate project costs.
  3. Helps in identifying dependencies in a project.
  4. Provides guidelines to develop a project timeline.
  5. Assist you to set up the project schedule.
  6. This WBS helps you to produce an SOW(Statement of work) for your project.
  7. You can set RACI for each team member and policy.
  8. Helps you to manage, monitor, and control tasks.
  9. You can easily identify risks and hazards and make a risk management plan.

These are some core benefits of the WBS template, however, when a project plan is developed, the first thing to do is to split the project plan into a small task. Moreover, in task management, we can use this tool.

Multiple Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a tool to manage your project in a singular and united way, then this article will help you a lot. The project portfolio dashboard template provides you a chance to analyze and manage your project in one place.

This is a tool that centralizes and collects the project in a way that things get easy to handle. It helps in making sure everything is unified for batter handling and analysis. This tool uses different tactics to investigate the proposed and actual performance of the project.

The main objective of using a project portfolio dashboard template is to make sure that the project goal is achieved on time. The main benefit of this tool is multitasking as you can manage many things at a time.

Another important feature is that the project portfolio dashboard is very useful in managing multiple projects at a time.  As often it happens that the project manager works on more than one project at a time, to deal with this situation a proper tool must be used to keep things under control.

There comes the use of a project portfolio which saves you the hassle and a lot of time as well.

In this article, we will be discussing the project portfolio dashboard template in detail and also see how it works to manage multiple projects at a time.

What is a Project Portfolio Dashboard?

To manage your project efficiently go for a professional approach and use a proper template for it. So, if you are hunting for a professional to manage several projects at a time without overworking your team the project portfolio dashboard is the best pick for you.

This provides grounds for the high level of organization and management of dealing with multiple projects. This tool through a variety of key performance indicators manages different areas of projects.

Furthermore, the portfolio dashboard saves you from going back and forth looking for data for different projects, as you will be having everything in one place. All the data is collected and available at one place in this tool and helps you make use of it when needed.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

This makes things easy, stratified, and professionally manageable. And working on several projects at a time saves your time and money as well.

The project portfolio is quite alike the project management KPI dashboard with some little changes in it. Though, the main difference is the project portfolio dashboard deals with the KPIs of multiple projects instead of one.

Key Elements of Project Portfolio Dashboard

The best project portfolio dashboard is the one that fulfills the needs and requirements of each project included in it. It must also make sure that all the challenges are also handled properly.

Moreover, a portfolio dashboard must be efficient in making sure that the resources are well managed and handled properly. The dashboard must also be customizable, so it can be altered according to the needs of a project.

This tool is useful in running multiple projects and has them differentiated from each other.  The adherence of business strategy, value, and performance is also monitored and handled by this tool

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

A general project portfolio dashboard includes the overall summary of all the projects in terms of the following elements:

  1. The first one is the project details, summary, and brief overview.
  2. Keeping a to-do list in the portfolio dashboard makes things easy to work with
  3. Millstones must also be added to a project portfolio dashboard
  4. The tracking of all the activities is also a very important and essential part.
  5. The status and performance of the project must also be added to it.
  6. Team workload and management are also other significant element.
  7. A summary of all the projects happing’s should also be added.

There are some useful templates which part of the Project Portfolio Dashboard category is often are as follows:

Project Task Management

When working with more than one project at a time you can easily find yourself lost in a pool of tasks. As the projects usually have multiple tasks associated and having more than one project makes things even more tricky and difficult.

In a Project Portfolio Dashboard, each project task is managed separately using a project task management tool. This makes this easy and manageable at the same time. By doing this the load is shared properly and there are fewer chances of making mistakes.

Resource Management

Resources are a very important part of any project and must he have handled with care. In a case where you need to work with various us projects at a time, you need to use a resource management tool to keep things on track. As if the resources are mismanaged it can result in the failure of the whole project.

Accordingly, it is very important that the resources of each project in a Project Portfolio Dashboard should be managed and organized professionally.

Risk Management

When managing a project, no matter what size or type make yourself ready for risks and hazards.  As every project faces an issue at some point during its lifecycle.

Therefore, it is battering to get yourself ready for the situation by having a suitable tool on hand.  There is quite a variety of tools and templates are available in the market to deal with risks.

Accordingly, all you need to do is to have a risk management tool on hand to use when needed. It is not a good idea to ignore any identified issues, even small ones.

As it has been observed that the smaller ones can turn into a big issue if left unnoticed.

Project To-Do-List

Every project has a list of things that needs to be done. In the case of project portfolio as we know the manager must focus on multiple projects at a time.

Subsequently, often projects managers use a project to-do list for every project separately. Doing this makes things easy and simple and allows you to make lesser mistakes.

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Template

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Template

A Corrective action plan (CAP) is basically the document plan for making an action plan for the specific selected tasks of the project. This kind of tool is helpful in achieving a specific goal at a specific time by eliminating any pop-up problems.

This category of templates is mainly used by the project organization which has multiple projects going on at the same time as they have more chance of error. The (CAP) Corrective action plan templates have also been used by an educational institutions for their projects.

Therefore, this tool is very popular and has extensive application in the project management industry to handle problematic situations.

Here in this article, we will discuss what the Corrective action plan is and what is its importance.

What are the key elements of a corrective action plan?

Concept of (CAP) Corrective Action Plan

In every organization and business setup, there is always a probability of error or mistakes. Sometimes everything is as planned but often due to some issue’s things do not turn out as planned. It is possible that you face setbacks and problems may arise.

To handle these kinds of scenarios the best move is to keep a Corrective action plan on hand. This a clever way of picking and resolving any popup problems on time efficiently.

Creating a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

When it comes to creating a Corrective action plan the most important thing is the best possible communication. Having a problem or issue not a bad thing the most important thing is how you handle it. Smart and clever handling always leads to better results by eradicating errors. This is the way of providing a step by step instructions to your team members.

Following are some of the important steps you can follow to make an impressive Corrective action plan:

  1. Pinpoint and define the issue to make it easy to pick which issue should be addressed first
  2. Keep everything well documented to have everything on hand when needed.
  3. You must also make sure that you mention and pinpoint which are allocated for the monitoring of the Corrective action plan.
  4. Set goals to meet in the end this is the greatest way of setting yourself up for accomplishment and success. This will help you pick out the best possible and most relevant solution for your issue.
  5. Then you must make sure you mention and document the resources required to meet the solution of your issue.
  6. Must set a deadline for completing the corrective action. Setting a decline goal makes this easy and more achievable for you and your team working on a Corrective action plan (CAP).

Corrective Action Report (CAR)

A corrective action report is a way to make a correction plan for your business processes. This is mainly a way of identifying and implementing the strategy for correction action for defects and is known to be the response for problems.

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Template

In other words, a correction action report is mainly a way adopted for eradicating the issues and make sure they do not happen again. Consequently, the correction action report is an important component of an overall CAP.

Key Components of General Corrective Action Plan Template

A corrective action plan works wonders in the problematic situations of the company. By this problem can be seen to and handled efficiently. In a corrective action plan, we must clearly mention the issue the desired outcome, and the strategies to handle the issue.

Following are the components of a corrective action plan:

  1. Introduction of a corrective action plan
  2. The main facts of the problems and issues under consideration
  3. The outcome you are expecting
  4. The flow and timeline of the action plan
  5. The possible planned solution to the problems
  6. Monitoring of the action plan
  7. Evaluation of the outcome of the corrective action plan
  8. Some PMBOK project management templates.

CAP Importance in Project Management

Consequently, we have seen that Corrective action plan templates are of great importance for pinpointing and eliminating any identified errors or mistakes.

These help in pinpointing and addressing at early stages as often when problems are ignored or no noticed and addressed properly this will result from you have a big pile of unnecessary issues. So, to avoid any bigger problematic unwanted disaster make sure you have Corrective action plan on hand to use when needed.

Project Management Templates PMBOK

Project management is basically a way to apply the most dutiable and reliable procedures and practices to attain the desired goals and objectives of your project. It is basically the usage of project knowledge and skills to make a project better and run smoothly.

Therefore, there are quite different types of tools related to project management available to help the project professionals manage the projects efficiently. Thus, you can pick the best one most related to your project requirement.

Project management is one of the was and widespread fields. Every project needs monitoring and management to reach the final point successfully. Project management has various tactics and tools available these days to match the needs of different kinds of projects.

Project Management Plan PMBOK Templates

And you can easily get one according to the need of the project and even can make alterations if required. It has become comparatively easy to manage a project using tools and templates of a different kind rather than doing it without them.

project management templates pmbok

In this article, we will mainly discuss different categories and types of project management tools and the way of using them. We will also shed some light on the importance of these tools and templates.

There is three P’s concept very popular is project management as it covers the whole project, which are people, product, process, and project people, product, process, and finally the project.

The process of project management revolves around these four components. The project managing process according to PMBOK mainly has 5 diverse types of stages which are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and lastly closure. If the project works exactly on this flow and reaches the end successfully.

Types of Project management Templates

Following are some of the examples of different types of project management templets used at the different levels of the project process.

Project Initiation Template

As the name suggests that the project initiation template of one of the tools which are used in the initial stages of the project lifecycle. It mainly covers the project’s final plan and the project roadmap. The Project Initiation is amongst the most significant and vital parts and an important step in project management.

It provides the basic and fundamental ground to kick start the business project. As it gathers the data and provides the foundation for initiating the project.

As we know starting of a project is an important part and by using proper tools you can ensure the success of the project.

The project is mainly divided into 5 different phases most initial one is the initiation step. As this step is crucial and plays a vital part in the successful completion and smooth running of a project make sure you have a professional project initiation plan on hand.

There are their main things included and covered in the initiation step of the project which are project charter, project case, and project feasibility study.

Project Planning Templates

A project planning template is also one of the most important and popular categories of templates in the field of project management. It mainly covers the project costs, deliverables, scope, and objectives. The project cannot be completed successfully without having a plan and without help from a proper tool successful planning is not possible.

To get the best results and outcome of your project you must use proper planning too to plan your project. The plan must be thorough and comprehensive, so it can be understood easily. The project plan when once finalized it must be reviewed regularly because as the project proceeds sometimes changes and alterations are needed for a better outcome.

Subsequently, make sure you review your project plan after some interval of time to ensure the project’s success and save it from going south. There is quite a variety of different initiation templates available choose the best one which is well suited to your project needs and requirements.

Consequently, when managing a project keep in mind that best planning leads to best results.

Project Tracking Template

Tracking is a way to highlight which area needs your attention and improvement. In the case of project management, it is not that you just start a project and let it go. One of the important steps in the success of a project is project tracking which includes the checking of the project processes.

This will help you see how the project tasks and processes are progressing and which areas need improvements. The tracking tool aids in pinpointing the issue if they exist beforehand before they become problematic.

In short, this is a way of making improvements in your project and serves as a development tool. By this too, you can monitor and trail down the variations and upgrading in the project processes.

Moreover, the tracking templates mainly focus on project KPIs, project identification, and project tracking. These things are vital for the progress identification of the project. Thus, the tracking tool is one of the must-have project management tools and serves as a great help for the betterment of the project.

Consequently, make sure in your overall project plan there should be a suitable tracking template added to keep track of the project progress.

Project Communication Template

No matter which field or which category of the project you are working on communication is a must thing and can not be neglected. In a project when there is a proper communication system, the performance can be enhanced tremendously. As by communication the issue and problems can be highlighted and dealt with on time.

In other words, communication is the backbone of the plan and results in a successful project in the end.

The combination tool is a promising tool to spread important information throughout the project. You can also do better communication among the team members and shareholders. You can also adjust and make alterations in the communication plan to make things better and under control.

This is also a way you can channel and combine all the members of the team and get feedback which then can be used for the improvement of the project progress.

Risk Management Plan template

Risk assessment and management is a very significant process in the process of project management. This will aid in identifying and dealing with the issue associated with your project. Timely assessment and eradication of the risk with the help of a risk management template can save you time and very helpful in the smooth execution of the project. If you want to avoid de-tracking your project get a professional risk management template and use it when needed.

Project Closure Template

The project closure is one of the last stages of the 5-stage process of project management and monitoring. Even in the final stages of the project, there is a need for proper management and monitoring.

At the completion point of the project, you must note down what were the negative and positive points of the project through its life cycle. This data could be helpful in future projects so the mistakes and can not be repeated. The closure also included the information of the profits and loss of the project.

To manage all these things, you must select a suitable project closure plan to put an appropriate end to the project.

The most important part of this process is to review all the bills payments and contract finally at the end, so you cannot miss or anything. The Project Closure Template is the best way to close, review and archive all the project data in one place for future reference.

Importance of PMBOK Project Management Templates

As a project manager, there is always a pile of work and a lot on your plate. Thus, using proper project management tools on each step of project management makes your life easy and makes things more manageable.

The list of project management tools is never-ending so just make the right choice and get one most relevant to your project requirement.

Additionally, by using proper tools you can have things appropriately managed and well organized. And you can have a road map to follow and get things done properly on time without any issue. These are the reason for the popularity of project management tools and templates in the project management industry.

Furthermore, if things do not go smoothly it takes a lot of effort, resources, and mainly time to make things right.

Sometimes mismanagement leads to bigger disasters. Subsequently, to refrain from all this hassle always use the relevant tool to manage your project.

This practice eventually helps you save your time and money at the same time. Accordingly, manage smart and have a well-managed and well progressing project on hand.


As we have seen in the above discussion how important and essential is to use the project management tools for batter management and controlling of the project. Consequently, when planning a project make sure you pick the right tools and templates in accordance with the project needs. Then make sure the tools are available to use when needed. These should be approved and must be part of your project chatter.

Hence, the project can be managed most efficiently and effectively with the help of project management tools.

Feasibility Study Template in Word

Feasibility Study Template in Word

The feasibility study basically is a way of finding out whether a project worth processing and investing time on or not. It analyses the probable issue of the project that might be faced by the project team later in the project development.

Therefore, often it is recommended to do a feasibility study prior to starting a new project, so the valuable time and money can no go to waste. There are fair chances that your project could go south if the risks are not identified and handled in advance.

To do that have a feasibility study on hand and you can easily find out whether the project worth taking the risk or not. Mostly the project manager is the person who is responsible for making and handling the feasibility study plan.  The feasibility tools are available in different varieties all you need to do is pick one which is well suited for your project type.

In this piece of reading, we will discuss the scope of a feasibility study and its application and importance in project management.

How to Conduct Feasibility Study Report?

The feasibility study is a way of identifying whether the proposed plan worth working on or not. This should be implemented and studied at the very start of the problem so that the issues can be identified and handled on time.

In other words, you can also say that the project progress and completion depend on the feasibility study and planning.

Feasibility Study Template in Word

Following are some steps highlighting how a feasibility study is conducted in reality:

  1. The first step is to do basic research and study the overall aspects of a project. Thus, when the preliminary analysis is done you can now have a clear idea of where the issue lies and how it can be resolved.
  2. Then map out what you need from the project and what resources you can invest.
  3. After that, market research is very important for the success and on-time finishing of the project. It also shows what is in demand and eventually allows you to understand the feasibility of the project.
  4. Lastly is to make the best conceivable plan after doing all the modifications and adjustments based on the analysis for the feasibility of your project.

Construction Feasibility Study Template

Construction is a type of business that includes lots of money and resources. When starting and working on a construction project feasibility Is something you can not miss on.

As in construction-type projects, lots of manpower, material, and a good amount of money involves, and it is a very sensitive category of project. Subsequently, the project professionals emphasize using a professional feasibility template especially and particularly for construction projects.

This in the end ensures timely completion and avoids any unwanted problematic situations along the way.

restaurant feasibility study template

when starting a restaurant, it is also necessary to find out potential risks and their probable risks as well. The restaurant feasibility study template is the best option in this regard, as it covers the analysis of revenue, expenses, and finances of the project.

The market research feasibility analysis of restaurants also allows you to compete with competitors and make a difference in the market.

Project Planning Scheduling Checklist Template

Project Planning Scheduling Checklist Template

Project planning is an important part of every project, every company makes their plans for their business growth or completes their projects successfully. There are many steps of planning that a company takes to complete in which scheduling is essential for every kind of business and project.

In the project planning process, scheduling comes on fourth. This step involves planning and scheduling for project working staff and other managerial staff. In this step, project managers also assign daily and weekly tasks to team members.

The scheduling process also helps managers to track project progress and issues log.

How Project Planning Scheduling Checklist Template Works?

Whenever scheduling is formatted checklist is very important because it shows how many things or steps are completed and how many remaining.

Project Planning Scheduling Checklist Template

To make a project schedule, managers use a schedule checklist template that provides an accurate determination.

Basically, the checklist template helps to take necessary actions before finalizing the master scheduling plan.

Here are some points that help us to make a schedule plan;

  • First, write down you essential parts of your scheduling before you write descriptive detail of it and highlight the main items.
  • Review your project checklist points and make sure that it contains all activities.
  • Share the schedule plan with your team members and take their feedback.
  • Then write your final schedule plan that covers all important steps and describe time table and duties of staff members.

These are necessary parts that every project manager and individual consider before make any scheduling for a project or business.

There are many types of project planning scheduling checklist templates for this purpose of which some are used for bigger planning and others are simple and work for the individual. It’s all depending on your requirement and project volume.

This power full tool will really help you if you have essential commands on it. You can also take online suggestions and learn about it that how these types of project templates work and which kinds of its features are more important to make a checklist and which are not simple.

Many people have been learned about it from YouTube tutorials I recommend you to watch its tutorials for assistance.

All these types of tools can also be used in Microsoft office excel. MS Office allows you to make your schedule plan on a basic level and you need to modify it then you can purchase and download these project planning scheduling checklist templates according to your requirement.

Some template companies are offering a demo of these for trial and that is a more effective way to check either it works for you or not.

Project Work Schedule Template Excel

Project work can be time-consuming and difficult if the proper tools and Project Templates are not used. As a project has a variety of different things that need your attention, it is not possible to cover everything without help.

Technology has been very helpful in the planning and management of different projects.

So, to plan your work processes you must consider getting some help from an effective project work schedule template excel. This tool can help tremendously and make your job easy and less tiring for you.

Project Work Schedule

This template covers all the schedules and timetables of all the tasks going on in the project. This template is useful in monitoring the performance of each team member separately.

If you are new to the project management field and using software makes you nervous you can always go for excel scheduling templates. There is a variety of different work scheduling templates available. And the good news is they are user-friendly and quite straightforward. Therefore, you do not need to get any training to use a project work schedule in excel format.

In this article, we will see what a project work schedule is, and what are its key elements? We will also discuss what are its benefits and how do we create one?

Benefits of Using Project Work Schedule Template

As the name tells that the project work schedule helps in managing and organizing work in your project. It mainly includes all the important dates of the project.

  1. It helps you manage and plan different work-related affairs and manage your resources efficiently to make them work for you.
  2. Work schedules also make sure that your project is running smoothly and is in the right direction.
  3. By using this you can easily and effectively assign different tasks to your team members and have a track of them as well. This practice will allow you to have a quick overview of what member is working on which task and what is his performance.
  4. Furthermore, this tool also aids in reaching the project to productive ending on planned time with success.
  5. The project schedule template is a flexible and handy tool to work with. As it allows you to make changes when needed according to your needs and requirements.
  6. Another important benefit of this tool is, it can cover and work with different variety of work schedules at a time.
  7. Lastly, the most important and extremely useful feature of this is keeping you and your work organizes and up to date.

Features of Project Work Schedule

A Project Work Schedule makes sure that the work is properly handled and planned. It helps in the proper and smooth execution of the project. It also aids in making sure that all the work processes are running symmetrically and systematically without any issues in the way.

Following are some of the important features of the Project Work Schedule:

  • It makes your life easy by making a timetable for every task related to your project.
  • You can measure and analyze your project progress in contrast with the project work timeline.
  • The resources can be analyzed and evaluated in comparison with the paralleled projects.
  • You can make s schedule of your project tasks and resources using a Gantt chart in collaboration with the project schedule.
  • Tasks prioritization can be done easily and efficiently by project work schedule.
  • The dependencies and effects of one task on the other can be analyzed and examined easily.
  • Project start and finish can be decided and have a strict implementation can be done especially on the completion dates. This encourages in successful accomplishment and closure of your project at a decided time.
  • It makes sure that the tasks are divided according to their value. Therefore, the most significant and prioritized tasks are addressed and handled first without any delay in the process.

How to Create a Project Work Schedule Template in Excel?

Generally, the Project Work Schedule Template is created by the project manager. But in some cases, a bigger organization’s special scheduling staff is hired for the job. The main responsibility of a work scheduling team is to make and maintain the schedule of your project.

By far we have discussed the importance and significant features of the Project Work Schedule Template. Now the next question is how to make one?

  1. In step one, you must identify and define all the tasks related to your project.
  2. In the next step, you must find out the importance and dependencies of each project. This will help in assigning the prioritization to the most important tasks. Which will aid in performing the most essential tasks first.
  3. Resource identification and planning is also very essential and crucial when it comes to making a Working Schedule.
  4. Next, the time is assigned to the tasks according to their importance and need. This is one of the major and most effective steps in creating a Project Work Schedule Template. As it has a direct effect on the performance and successful completion of the project.
  5. The last step is making and implementing a plan or a system to keep your PWS up to date. This is a must-have step in creating a Project Work Schedule plan.

Construction Project Work Schedule Plan Template

Construction projects can be difficult and quite challenging to manage. Without a tool, you will feel lost in the project. To manage a construction project smoothly you need an efficient tool.

A Construction Project Work Schedule Plan is a useful and valuable tool for construction project work processes management. Having knowledge about your project schedule also helps you monitor to supervise the expenses and budget related to your project. This tool allows you to make adjustments in your expenses at the right time according to the requirement of your project.

Therefore, a construction project must have a PWS Template in place for better performance of the project.


Hence, the Project Work Schedule Template holds a very important place when it comes to project management. It is a must-have tool for any project to succeed and finish smoothly on time. Thus, it is highly recommended that every project must have an efficient Excel Project Work Schedule in place.

Download PERT Chart Excel Template

A PERT chart is project management is a tool that provides a basis for the graphical interpretation of a project’s timeline.

In this article, we will discuss what is the PERT chart, Key Elements of the PERT chart. We will also see what is the difference between a Gantt chart and a PERT chart?

About PERT Chart

A PERT chart is a graphical illustration tool utilized for verifying the duration of a phase in a project. It is particularly beneficial for dangerous and tough projects.

The Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) refers to splitting the whole project plan into small tasks; this technique helps to manage a project more effectively.

Part also supports arranging and analyzing the pieces of the project into one big successful project.

When it comes to project planning and evaluation, there are some very useful tools that every project manager should know, and one of them is the PERT chart. Now let’s see what the key features of PERT are.

What is PERT in Project Management?

In 1950, when it needs to accelerate the production of armory and other defense projects for the US Navy, this PERT chart was created.

pert chart template in excel

This program evaluation review technique plays a vital role in project management because it helps to evaluate the actual time that a specific project needs to accomplish.

Moreover, this tool helps in create plan tasks within a project and share this work plan with working staff and other coordinates. No doubt this managerial technique saves time by quick processing ability.

In the meantime of this 1950s era, this Chart is also available for the private and public sectors in the name of the Critical Path Method.

However, Pert Chart can conduct 3 types of evaluations for the time needed to complete a project that is;

  1. Fast track project tasks compilation
  2. The most suitable and accurate time needed to complete tasks
  3. The long-term time period required to complete all tasks

The Objective of Using PERT Charts

The main purpose of using PERT Charts is good performance and smooth completion of all the tasks associated with a project.

Project managers are known to use PERT charts to establish a reasonable schedule for project accomplishment. This tool makes sure that the most important and crucial tasks get the most of the attention. As if there is a delay in an important task this will result in major consequences. To void this the PERT tool is used and it works wonders in critical situations.

This amazing tool also helps the managers to allocate different times for different tasks according to their importance level. Consequently, this way a short task will be allocated and allotted a smaller amount of time. This process will eventually result in saving time as the project time will be reduced by proper clever managing. All this can only be possible by using a Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) template.

Key Elements of PERT Chart

The main aim of using a Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) is to ensure that the project is running smoothly without any hindrance. Here are some elements which will demonstrate the key elements and importance of using PERT.

  1. A PERT chart facilitates getting things done effectively on time without any delay. These charts are equally beneficial for small and large projects
  2. These charts are an effective and handy way of seeing and monitoring all the steps in a project from start uphill end. This also allows the project team to see which task happens next, and which tasks are associated with the other task.
  3. As we know PERT charts use graphical representations of tasks and progress, this will help team members follow the map all through the steps of the project easily.
  4. Sometimes PERT is associated and linked to the Gantt chart. However, managers frequently make use of both techniques and procedures. As both are very helpful in effective project progress and project task control.

How to Make a PERT Chart in Excel?

As of now, we have seen that we cannot deny or overlook the importance of the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT). But it comes with a little challenge which is they show a lot of detailed information for each task. This information includes:

  1. Assignment name
  2. Scheduled and real start time
  3. Expected time needed
  4. List of answerable persons

This amount of information can be very lengthy and difficult to manage when it comes to a lengthy project. To overcome this problem, you must for an effective am well-planned PERT template. Different projects need distinct procedures according to their type and size.

  1. Decide the nature of the network chart you intend to apply?
  2. Break your plan down into assignments
  3. Develop connections amongst tasks.
  4. Allocate timeframes to tasks.

The Difference Between A PERT and A Gantt chart

Most people interconnect PERT with Gantt Chart. The similarity among these two is both tools break the project down into smaller pieces to manage the project effectively at ease. As smaller tasks are easily manageable.

Therefore, another similarity is that both techniques prefer task allocation. This means that an order is made which tasks need to do be done first and which one after that.

Furthermore, both tools are finish-oriented and focus on the completion of the project on time.

Project Risk Management Plan Template Excel

project risk management plan template

A better approach to deal with the projects through the Project Risk Management Plan Template and remaining aware of all the risks throughout its life is possible through utilizing risk management templates.

Although the excel spreadsheet ensures your project success; but it is available without paying any additional costs. The general objective of a hazard sheet is to oversee chance in a way that guarantees an effective task result.

The arranging procedure empowers supervisors to obviously recognize dangers; after that create and archive chance moderation techniques and emergency courses of action.

Project Risk Management Plan

A project risk management plan is the plan that helps the project manager to monitor, manage, control, and eliminate risk factors that could affect project progress.

Many professionals also getting certification from PMI institute in RMP (Risk management professional certification)

This management planning is also part of resource management planning.

Every project or company has its own kind of risk management plan or contingency plan, that they implement in cautioning situations.

To tell the truth, if you lessen down the risk, your project team is able to work in a better professional manner.

However, the risk management process procedure additionally incorporates distinguishing both the expenses and activities important for executing the arrangement.

Once finished, the arrangement fills in as a guide for everybody engaged with a venture and is especially imperative as an apparatus to speak with key partners. Share this template with restricted team members or the whole team with Google spreadsheets!

In this way, you have to deliberately track and assess the execution of the moves you make to moderate hazards against built-up measurements all through the procurement procedure while creating different choices.

This is the place a Project Risk Management Plan Template proves to be useful and there are many other places as well.

It furnishes you with every one of the spots to gather the required information to take after that hazard and perceive how your activities to cure it are working.

project risk management plan template

Key Elements of Project Risk Management Plan Template Excel

According to researchers, there are three basic key elements of a risk management plan for the project;

  1. The risk itself is the event or condition that may happen. The risk should be clearly defined so that the concern is made real and can be responded to.

  2. The consequence of a risk must also be defined so your team knows what is at stake, the magnitude and level of urgency of the impact they may have to respond to, and the project areas that may be impacted.

  3. The probability of a risk must be estimated as accurately as possible so your team allocates an appropriate and proportionate amount of time and energy to planning for, monitoring, and responding to a risk.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of the project risk format. Moreover, you are able to learn about the design of the risk spreadsheet without downloading it or you can download it now with a single click:

Who owns Project ownership?

In spite of the fact that your arrangement ought to contain the greater part of the exercises that you have to perform with a specific end goal to accomplish your objective. Let’s face it, actually, very regularly extra venture assignments are just found once the undertaking is well underway.

Project ownership consists of the project name, project overview, project manager name, email and phone number, contact info, and mailing address.

  1. Enter the project name in cell C4.
  2. Begin by adding project overview in cell C5. This is the overview of the project therefore enter the overall description and the project overview as well.
  3. Fill the project contact info for the project manager in cells, D6-D9 in the Project Risk Management Plan Template!!!
  4. Plan version for the project
  5. You will also want to have a version of the project and this is possible with this section of the template. It asks you to fill in the project version, date, author, and reason.
  6. Enter this information in cells B15, D15, and E15.
  7. Sections Impacted
  8. This table of the template consists of headings, section titles,s, and amendments.
  9. A certain part of the project or the process always requires amendments and this is possibly dealt with help of this section.
  10. Project Distribution via Project Risk Management Plan Template Excel
  11. However, is it just conceivable to comprehend the genuine extent of work once an undertaking is in advance? As a rule, the appropriate response is no. go ahead and check out the project distribution now:
  12. These tables consist of headings, delivery method, issue date, and issued to!
  13. Fill out the data in the cells, starting from B27 and ending in D29.

Project Executive Summary

Do you want to have an overview regarding your projects, how they worked in the past, or specifically about this template?

Do this out with help of this section of your project risk template.

Truth be told, for a considerable lot of the ventures that turn out badly the potential issues were dependably there, holding up to be found. However, in a great many projects the measure of time and exertion gave to hazard investigation is little. Much of the time it is minimal in excess of a rundown of potential dangers.

An executive summary consists of risk analysis and evaluation process, development of risk prevention mitigation strategies process, review, schedule & parties responsible, risk management roles and responsibilities.

This section can be shared to prepare a quick project report as well to show it to the top management or the related persons.

Risk management roles and responsibilities are further divided into a name, roles, and responsibilities. Fill them out in cells B41, D41, and E41 in the Project Risk Management Plan Template.

Risk Assessment Template

If you don’t have any other way available to assess the risks shadowing your projects or if you are unaware of the certain types of risks that are always common to small or large projects; you can still ensure the success of your projects using this project risk template.

Let’s assess the risk to your projects with this section consisting of, risk identification, risk overview, event or threat triggers.

A risk register is made up of identified risk, current status, and risk migration strategies.

No calculation is involved till here in the project, therefore, you can see the cells with white background; and you can interfere with any cell you need!

Risk Analysis and Evaluation

The main aim of getting and utilizing Project Risk Management Plan Template Excel is to reduce down the risk to the project while you are able to analyze it a lot before! Evaluate the percentage of risk and how it triggers down from some external or internal factors with this section.

It consists of, the identified risk from cell B72-B79.

Risk grade is required to fill from cell D72-D79.

Let’s fill out the potential impact in the cells E72-E79!

Risk Matrix Template

To provide you with a quick representation of the risk, this dashboard is made available as well. The table shows the relationship between sections impacted and likelihood.

It typically shows risk with low impact and low likelihood, medium impact, and low likelihood; high impact and low likelihood and extreme impact and low likelihood.

While for the other it shows, medium likelihood and low impact; medium likelihood and medium impact, medium likelihood and high impact, medium likelihood and extreme impact.

The third row shows the possibilities, high likelihood, and low impact; high likelihood and medium impact, high likelihood and high impact, high likelihood and extreme impact. Plan down your projects wisely now with this Project Risk Management Plan Template.

Project Risk Register Template in Excel

Project Risk Register Template in Excel

A Project Risk Register Template in Excel is essential to your risk management strategy and will help you track risks and manage them more effectively. By creating an easy-to-use, customizable risk register, you have the chance to manage risks before they turn into financial disasters and increase your overall risk profile.

It also allows you to create reports in an organized and effective way that provides a simple and transparent view of risk.

Project Risk Register Template

Excel Risk Register template allows you to list all the risks and their associated risks in a simple to use format. The template contains columns for identification, description, and risk type. Each column includes the corresponding risk value or rating.

This will allow you to create an easy-to-read format that is easily readable by anyone who reads it. With a fully customizable risk register template, you can quickly create a project risk management strategy before the project’s timelines, budget, and resources planning are derailed by financial setbacks.

Project Risk Register Template in Excel

This risk register will also be a valuable tool to share risk information with employees and other external sources. With the templates, all the information regarding risks will be included, so that your employees and other parties involved with the project will always have an easy and understandable view of your business risks.

Your company is at constant risk. You may have one or two risks, but you should know about them and use an effective risk register template to manage them.

Benefits of Excel Risk Register

If you want to maximize your risk register, keep in mind to use templates that are easy to read, intuitive, and customizable. Make sure that the template will be able to generate reports in a convenient format that is not too complicated for your employees. As a manager, you should also consider the level of customization that your template will allow.

A risk register template will allow you to customize risk reports based on the specific type of risk. For example, if the risk has a particular source or destination, such as a product or a customer or service, then the template must allow you to report and assign a destination for that specific risk.

Otherwise, the risk will not be captured properly and it will be hard to analyze.

Format of Project Risk Register Excel

When creating your risk register, make sure that it is easy to use and easy to navigate. Make sure that your risk register has columns that will allow you to easily understand each risk type and its value.

Do not forget to check that the rows contain an easy and useful navigation system that will enable you to go from one row to the next. to get to the more important information. This way, your team will know where they should look and what information is needed.

Another important thing to consider when using your risk register template is that it must allow you to customize the column titles, which in turn will allow you to label the columns according to the risk type.

It is important that you use labels that reflect the nature of the risk, i.e. if the risk is product-based, the labels must be labeled “Product, Product Type”, “Product Type (product), Product Name”, and “Product Status”. This will help the reader clearly identify the risk type. Make sure that you label each risk label with the risk type that it represents.

Another thing to consider when making a risk register excel is the number of rows that are displayed on the left-hand side. You should keep in mind that more rows may appear more difficult to analyze, but they will be easier to manage since you will only have to scroll through the list when the risk has more to investigate.

When you need to read each risk’s labels in detail, the more rows, the better.