Creating Gantt Chart Template Excel XLS 2010

If you do not want to use this templates because your boss has forbidden you to do so, then you can always create your own Gantt Chart Template Excel XLS 2010 to prevent any kind of copyright issue.

Making it is very easy. You just have to mention all your tasks in a column and then, the time and date of ending of each task in a separate column but next to the column of tasks.

You should also mention the starting date of each task in a separate column. Write the status of each task in the fourth column. Add a separate column in which you enter the number of days worked on the task.

You can also mention the number of holidays in the Chart. You can add rows in the sheet to add more tasks to the chart.

Format of Gantt Chart Template Excel XLS 2010

It is better that you should save your MS Excel Gantt chart template.XLSX or.XLS format. You can change the color and style of the chart as per your preferences. Moreover, you can also add themes to the chart.

These themes would be available in your MS Excel spreadsheet settings bar. The available MS Excel format might also have the ‘Help’ option in it.

It will help you if you get stuck in creating or using this template. In this regard, the ‘Help’ option will provide you information about the general aspects of the Gantt chart and about the general procedures and frameworks which are necessary to be followed when using this template.

You can use this option if you do not know how to make or interpret the Chart, particularly when you are new to the job and your boss has asked you to create the Chart.

Free Gantt Chart Template

If you are looking for this template, you can download it for free from multiple websites on the internet.

You can get it in any Xls format you prefer, whether in Excel 2010 or in 2013. Furthermore, you can also make it on your own in a spreadsheet; however, it is recommended that instead of wasting your precious time in customizing your MS Excel worksheet to convert it into a Gantt Chart Template Excel XLS 2010.

Most of the free downloaded templates have customizable designs so that the users could easily manipulate their settings to make them as per their own preferences. These customizable formats can easily edit and print.

Umair Iqbal