Now make your project tracking easy through Excel Gantt Chart Template XLSX for your company. Whether you are working on simpler project or project of most difficult nature, you need to look after goals. First and foremost factor required for success of your projects require proper project planning for the time and resources and you can now prevent time difficulties through using effective time planning. Now lead to the project’s success and completion faster without facing any major issues, through excel gantt chart worksheets and save your time for solving other problems.

Furthermore, you can keep your team informed of the status updates of the goals and deliverable’s. You can make the updates on the daily basis, or on the weekly basis depending on the size and type of project. Enhance your communication and see how it will affect projects in your company.

How Effective is Excel Gantt Chart Template In XLSX?

Now learn more why thousands of companies are using this template for simplifying tracking and here are some key features of this database:

Excel Gantt Chart Template In XLSX

It acts as project management dashboard.

  • Now prevent any confusion through sharing this document with all your team members. It also enhances communication and therefore difficulty faced at any level can look upon and saves your time and effort for some bigger issue in the future.
  • Although, it is prepared for time tracking, still it acts as project management dashboard as well. It keeps all interested persons and top management to the same level of information and makes planning simple and efficient.
  • You can see the project completion percentage at any time of the day or on any day. Additionally look out for the tasks status in pie chart and each stage is represents in different color.

Task progress indicators are available in these sheets as well.

  • If some task is left behind and not completed as planned, there is some unnoticed factors or issues. Now all the major issues are spotlighted.
  • Task progress indicators are available in different colors and red color showing alerts for the time and cost.
  • You can now ask your team about any problem or if some goal is still pending, which must completed as planned.

Excel Gantt Chart Template In XLSX improves communication

  • Any change in the process or production process must inform timely to your employees.
  • It is easy to share all the data with anyone through sending the sheet in the email or sharing it online.
  • Make changing’s according to your needs.

Why getting gantt chart templates in XLSX?

  • Understood able goals prevent wastage of raw materials.
  • All your team members and top management can kept informed of any changing.
  • Any tasks dependent or independent is easy to watch.
  • Free of cost and fully editable

Blank excel spreadsheet for time tracking

Some of the tasks are easier to do, while other takes more time. Although, all the jobs are now part of this excel sheet, still you can make any updates, if required. Also get more Tracking Templates.

Download Excel Gantt Chart Template In XLSX

If you are interesting in getting software for your company for tracking projects, its very easy to get software. Before making this investment, you must aware of the pros and cons of the tool.