Employee PTO Tracker Excel Template

If you are feeling difficulty tracking paid time off for your employees, you need to utilize Employee PTO Tracker Excel Template.

This Tracking template can bring additional benefits to your payroll department. And accountants are never free from their tough working routines and goals.

Employee PTO Tracker Template

A PTO (Paid Time Off) is a bunch of times an employee can take off but they still get paid for it if there is a valid reason or if the company allows those specific amounts of days off.

A valid reason can be of sick days, vacation days, and personal days, but sometimes the employees take some days off without permission for leave or take some extra days off for which the company needs a record of so that they can calculate and deduct the amount from the employee’s salary according to each invalid day off and for this reason, they keep an employee PTO tracker excel.

An employee PTO tracker excel is a platform where companies can record or store the days off of each of the employees which is very useful by the end of the time of working for the company which can help them(the company ). Rules and Regulations of the companies related to the employee.

Importance of Excel PTO Tracker Excel Template

It is important to become aware of the right use of the sheet, as the employee PTO tracker does not limit to single-use. Any error creates a cause in the entire graph to get an effect.

Therefore starting accrual amounts are double-checked and as it is prepared in an excel sheet you can rely on the information. There are policies in companies regarding paying employees both for manual labor, moreover for employees on other designations.

In case of any missing information may result in affecting calculating the salary process and result in wasting time. A shortage of time can prevent companies from using excel templates.

And as there are calculators available in these sheets, none other than replacing the use of these sheets.

What We Can Do with the PTO tracker template?

  • It Shows Employee eligible status
  • How much an employee can apply for Paid leaves
  • PTO tracker also helps in making vocation schedule
  • It also helps to make a plan either employee may use its leaves or not
  • Helps in managing employee increments as PTO’s
  • Defines payroll status and its PTO limits
  • Define how an employee can apply for PTO
  • This excel PTO tracker also helps you to deal with half-day off
  • This helps you to make a proper plan to manage PTO’s intense work roaster
  • Determine payout methods

Employee PTO Tracker Excel Template Format

Employee PTO Tracker Excel Template

This actually keeps the discipline in employees maintained and for all of this the companies keep a record. In the employee PTO excel tracker.

Companies also give some employees more PTO than the others if they have been working there for years or longer to encourage their loyalty towards the company.

Properly following company paying schemes is simple. IF exact figures are available in the form and this can share with other company executives as well if required.

  • Employee evaluation excel template: managing all the working hours information of all the employees is possible through the employee evaluation excel template. This excel sheet is divided into columns with headings like performance objectives, success matric, and how to achieve it, and weight attainment. Further information that can generate from this sheet includes performance grad, career development, and management.
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  • Employee PTO tracker excel Sample: you need to consider the inputs of these sheets before filling them. As they are launch recently and they are not known to everyone. It includes employee data like employee name, hires date, PTO unit, annual PTO accrual rate, and period. Once this section is filled other information can require. Like, accrue at, PTO rollover timing, probationary period, and first accrual amount.

How to Create PTO Tracker Template in Excel

Employee PTO Tracker Excel Template

It’s needed a lot because many times we need to manage our working life and personal life. With these, even the company can show how much they care for their employees and show them how important they (the employees) are for them (the company).

It can also be useful if there is a very hardworking employee who never takes a leave can get some days to rest by the company.

These employees are mostly awarded for no day off and for their hard work.

There are three types of employees in each company, one is average and the other two are the extremists for taking either day off or not, and hardworking or not.

However, this tracker can also keep a record of those as well and the ones who don’t take any leave/invalid leave can be awarded by getting bonuses and promotions, and the ones sick at work and coming to work can get less or deducted money.


A PTO is a paid time off for the employees and the ones who Take over days off are tracked in the employee PTO tracker excel. Which is very useful to keep the employees on the track of discipline?

Every Company has its own PTO and the ones who take over days off get their salaries deducted. It is very important and helpful for Employees and the company.

Umair Iqbal