Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel

Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel

Employee scheduling is an important part of management for every organization. Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel helps us to manage the roster for our projects and business. This enables you to do shift schedules for your employees smoothly and exceptionally.

Shift Scheduling Template helps to assign tasks or work areas on an hourly basis for every employee by showing shift calendars.

Proper employee scheduling helps you run business operations fluently and makes it simple to track modifications in shift calendar and labor costs.

Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel

This shift scheduling template makes it easy to view and updates shifts for every employee. Updating the shift calendar is a great tool for communication among employees.

Employee Shift Schedule Template ExcelYou can make daily, weekly, or month shifts schedules with an easy-to-use and read format. This template is customizable to match your personal needs and business requirements.

Using this template helps to calculate labor costs and paid hours. You can track progress, specify your shifts (day, night, vacations, and other work shifts) and modify the starting day.

To meet your business requirements, it is vital to identify the department the schedule is for. A simple schedule is a great tool for time management and other details.

Why use Employee Shift Schedule Template Excel?

It’s difficult and time-wasting to schedule your employees using pen and paper and then calling them individually while they are working. Therefore, you need to update and improve your process.

Using a scheduling template provides you a great way to manage your employees more efficiently.

Why is it important? Because making a proper working schedule for employees at the right time is the preeminent important for your successful business.

This employee scheduling template helps in effective scheduling to save your money, valuable time and prevents confusion about shifts.

The template allows you to create a working schedule and post it online for all the employees to see. They can access the schedule anytime at their facility.

Plus, the workers can see the working hours of their colleagues. This is helpful when a worker would like to trade a shift with his coworker to have an off day.

Benefits of Using Employee Scheduling Template

  • Easy to adjust the schedule for employees.
  • The schedule is accessible to everyone.
  • Keep your employee’s preferences in mind.
  • It’s not necessary to rewrite the schedule for an employee working on the same hours for a week or month.
  • Save your time to manage your business.
  • Communication among employees is better.
  • Adding new employees to the schedule is an easy task.
  • Easy to customize to meet your requirements.
  • No chance of schedule damage or human error.


This template is a time-saver, easy to maintain, and helps to make fundamental changes to the schedule.

Download this template and improve your productivity and make your organization a successful one. Share your queries in the comment section below. I will more than glad to help you.

Umair Iqbal