Employee Vacation Planner Excel Template XLS

Employee Vacation Planner Excel Template XLS

Human resource management is one of the toughest tasks in any field of life. In project management, project managers keep in view every resource that is contributing to the achievement of the final goal.

Risks associated with resources are evaluated and strategies are devised to deal with such challenges if occur. Resources other than humans are somehow easy to manage and evaluate the risk associated with them.

One can plan the best schedule to monitor the performance and health of machinery required in the project to make sure it shouldn’t break down at any stage to cause any delay in the delivery of tasks. Proactive approaches are used to the happening of such things.

Employee Vacation Planner

When it comes to human resources, a breakdown is more than the expected number of employees goes unavailable for a particular duration during project execution. To avoid such things happening, the project manager’s first step is to have for sure a list of employees who have announced their vacation period earlier.

Such information is then used to make an easily understandable visual representation in the form of an employee vacation planner.

Employee vacation planners can be developed using an excel spreadsheet and it’s available in almost every project management software. Resource capacity planner sheets also carry information about employee vacations.

Data input can be taken from this sheet to make an employee vacation planning template.

Significance of Employee Vacation Planner Excel Template

Employee vacation planner excel spreadsheet usefulness can be described as follows;

  • It helps to monitor and plan for human resource availability for each day of the project lifecycle.
  • For complex projects, employee vacation planner is made the skill set wise to effectively ensure the availability of minimum labor required on each day of the project lifecycle.
  • It gives a graphical and visual representation of employee availability over a period of time.
  • It indicates the number of days that are having less than required human resources available.
  • It helps to target understaffed days to plan alternative resources to ensure timely delivery of tasks.
  • It identifies the days that require re-allocation of senior staff in the absence of one of the key project managers.

How to make an Employee Vacation Planner In Excel Spreadsheet?

A simple and useful employee vacation planner sheet can be made using excel to achieve all the benefits explained in the significance section. Simple guidelines to achieve the objective are as follows;

  • This planner sheet should have two sections, the Input or data entry section, and the output or dashboard section.
  • The input section specifies information such as weekends and holidays.
  • Define a detailed plan of the number of employees required for each date over the period of time.
  • Enter the employee wise data of vacation start date and vacation end date to specify the unavailability of an employee over that period.
  • Employees who don’t have any vacation must also be specified with no vacation start and end date.
  • In the output section, use the information defined in the input section to make a vacation calendar. This calendar should represent the weekends, holidays, and off days for each employee with different colors over the specified number of days for easy visualization.
  • At the bottom of the calendar make a summary for each day to represent employees at work, employees at vacation, and shortage of employees.
  • Make a bar chart using the information of employees at work and the number of employees required for each day to visually represent the shortage of employees over the days. In this chart, the number of employees required should be used to make the threshold line. Any bar passing beyond this threshold line will represent over-staffed days, remaining short of the threshold line will show under-staffed days, and just reaching to the line will represent balance in availability and demand of employees.
  • To conclude make summary buttons at top of the dashboard sheet to represent information about the total number of employees, working days, and understaffed days.

Format of Employee Vacation Planner Template

Here are some recommended values that must be enlisted in this template for making it more appealing and attractive.

  • Inputs: To make a plan which is actually working and its implementation is actually possible to add fields like entering the start date and the number of employees needed daily. Add all the days of the week and tick the weekends.
  • Monthly: For employment vacation plan template excel 2016, prepared on a monthly basis show the dates and days of the months marking or encircling weekends. Add the proper and full dates for the holidays to add well separately.
  • Plan for Vacation Dates: To formulate a plan which will not disturb the production of other departments and operations add an employee name column, holding list for all the employees in the company.
  • Start and End: For each respective employee add a starting date as well as the ending date. This prevents the employee from carrying out the same operation vacation on the same date.
  • Update IT: If the sheet has been prepared a month ago or a week ago, update it before assigning vacations to the workers as it acts as a medium preventing loss for the company if used properly.

Employee Vacation Planner Excel Template

  • Once you have prepared this template, take it in printable form as it is required given to your employees.
  • To view the company details on the template and edit them removing existing and adding your company details.
  • Choose an adjustable and attractive font.

You are able to see the improvement in productivity additionally, your labor is in the comfort zone because they are aware of the upcoming vacation schedules. In case of any emergency leave, it must in incorporated in the sheet immediately, to keep it updated and get more benefits.

Umair Iqbal