Contact List Template Excel XLS

This Contact List Template Excel format is used for recording your contacts. It can save the name, email address, phone numbers, Skype id contacts, and other details of your contacts in it. Its use as a contact list saving tool.

That’s serves very well in keeping a detailed record of all your contacts. You can use it as a contact list for your phone or for your business contacts. This template is created in an MS Excel spreadsheet or in similar other modes.

The contact list has a lot of importance in managing your contacts record. It saves their numbers and email addresses and all other relevant details can be included without any difficulty. Moreover, you can also add pictures for your contacts in it.

On a daily or hourly basis, you would have to contact your friends, family members, or your business partners; for this purpose, the contact list template will be helpful for you. You can also create as many contact lists as you want.

Create Contact List Template Excel

Contact List Template Excel

You can also create a contact list of your own in an MS Excel sheet. For this purpose, you just have to mention the names of your contacts in the first column of the Excel sheet.

Then, you can write the email address of each contact in the next column. You can also write their phone numbers in the next column. Similarly, you can add other contact details in the next columns. It will create a detailed contact record of your friends, family members, colleagues, your business partners, etc.

Creating a contact list Excel is very easy and requires no technicalities in it. It is very simple and obvious as you just have to insert the details in it without creating additional steps to control the list.

Examples of Contact List Template Excel

The phonebook in your mobile phone is an example of a contact list that entails the name and phone number of your contacts in it. Some mobile phones also have phonebooks that contain a picture of your contact.

Similarly, the contact list in your Skype is also an example of a contact list template. You can also find other examples of the contact list,s for instance, your WhatsApp or Viber contact lists and contact lists of other messengers are common examples.

Hence, the contact lists are used on daily basis by us whether we are making a phone call to someone and searching his/her number on our phone or when we are making a video call on Skype and searching that person’s name in our Skype contact list. Thus, the contact list template is actually an example taken from our daily life.

Get More XLS Templates

You can get a free Contact List Template Excel XLS from the internet. The sample templates are available on different websites and you can download them easily. Usually, they have customizable designs so that you can create changes in them as per your preferences. You can also add a picture of your contacts to it.

Umair Iqbal