Download Gantt Chart Template Excel 2010

Project managers keep on focusing to manage multiple tasks at a time. However, it hard even for great minds to focus on a lot of details at once. Although, many tools are helpful to minimize the cluster of information and present the most relevant information for analysis.

Still, the unwanted causes keep on pushing the project baseline schedule. Thus, a Gantt chart in excel 2010 helps the project team to plan the project activities most efficiently and smartly.

Gantt Chart Template in Excel

This project management template is using in all types of industries i.e; manufacturing, construction, and managerial services.

The project managers use the Gantt chart as a graphical tool to visually represent the activities of the project. So, a timeline-type schedule of project tasks can be visualized.

Free Gantt Chart Template Excel 2010

However, there are some formats of Gantt charts that allow to include further information about task links, duration, and resources.

A Gantt chart looks difficult to make from scratch. So, it has included as a pro feature of project management systems. However, project management systems like Microsoft Projects and Primavera expensive. Thus, a small-scale project owner can’t afford it.

Also, the use of these tools requires professional skill to make a Gantt chart. So, Excel 2010 is included in the basic suite of Microsoft Office Suite. Thus, the Gantt chart in excel 2010 becomes the best alternative to expensive tools. Finally, it’s easy to use, edit, and customize.

Significance of Gantt Chart in Excel 2010

A Gantt chart prepared using excel 2010 is very helpful. As almost all the members and stakeholders of the project have access to the MS Excel tool. Thus, they can easily use the Gantt chart excel template to see the project timeline.

Further, the Gantt chart in excel can be shared with all the team members using SharePoint. SharePoint allows the project managers to share Excel files in real-time. So, any change in the Gantt chart Excel file automatically updates the cloud version of this file.

The main purpose of the Gantt chart excel template is to plan the project tasks accordingly. So, the project team can analyze the project current activities and upcoming activities schedule and timeline. Also, check the project status report template for project management.

How to Use the Gantt Chart Google Sheets Template?

There are many tasks involved in project management. Although, there are a few major chunks. However, each major activity is subdivided into sub-tasks that can be monitored and controlled independently.

All the activities of the project must be categorized in a specific format. Work breakdown structure allows the project managers to manage tasks to allocated resources and track the performance.

Thus, the WBS structure of a project is used by project managers to make a Gantt Chart. It contains the detail about project activities, their sequence, and duration to create a Gantt chart.

The user only has to input the list of activities, their inter-dependencies, duration of each activity, and project start date to make a Gantt chart using excel 2010 template.

Moreover, the information about daily working hours, and weekly and gazette holidays must be included to make the Gantt chart as per the actual timeline.