Download Project Status Report Template Excel

Free Project Status Report Template Excel

If you are looking for a way, to create an effective Project Status Report Template Excel. You are at the right place.

As a matter of fact, it is vital to check your project after a specific time period to update the status of the jobs as well. Not to mention this, construction companies and other trade-in-places.

It can also take benefit from this excel sheet. In order to lay a great impact on the client, you can even present the report at any specific time as well.

What is the Project Status Report Template Excel?

To simplify the answer, here are some facts about the sheet. Some of the main parts of the template are:

  • As a project manager, you may need to provide the project direction and share it with your project team. This is a part of this sheet.
  • Moreover, time intervals and leftover time is also part of this sheet. Now you can plan your project accordingly!
  • Whether you need to share a “daily” or “weekly activity report” with top management, you can share it without making any additional effort.
  • Planned budget”, “actual budget”, “new risks during this period”, “project information”, “project commentary” & “project issues”.

Project Status Reporting Process and Importance

Free Project Status Report Template Excel

Why are status reports so imperative? There are many reasons why, and most are extremely natural. Status reports are a piece of the venture documentation and enable you to screen your venture’s advance.

No one enjoys being left oblivious. One of the venture director’s obligations is to advise the upper administration of the status of your venture.

Moreover, with a specific end goal to do this, it is completely important that you get visit refreshes from your group on their advance.

To tell the truth you have a clear target for them, “project scope”, “quality management”, “budget”, “earned value” & “project team members”.

Format of Excel Project Status Report Template

  • With regard to this, don’t miss out communication factor. You can now better share your ideas with the project team and stakeholders.
  • In particular, you are now able to better manage the risks and issues, both present and future for your project.
  • Don’t forget to add a schedule to the report. In this way, you are able to set the schedule for a daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly time period as well.
  • Speaking about this, keep it short and relevant. This doesn’t means, missing out on anything important in your project.

Key Elements of Project Status Report

Make sure all the following are included in this report;

  • Project Name/Client Name
  • Project Vision/Mission/Goals
  • Project Health
  • Tasks list/Accomplished Tasklist
  • Outstanding tasks/Pending
  • Issues/Risks/Roadblocks
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • Milestones

For a professional project report writing, you have to check several times before submitting it. Make sure your report is error-free and according to the statistical data.

Notably, you are able to always check the planned and actual value of the project, furthermore, any deliverables and plans are available for the project as well.

The template is ready to use, yet you are free to share any views. In case, you need an overview, you can see the performance of team members and set out bonuses and rewards as well. Download it with one click and start using it right away.

How to Create Project Status Report Template?

Project status report is not a difficult task, all is we need the latest data on the project. Below there are some guidelines that will help you to write a professional status report;

Project Information:- write down a brief introduction of the project i.e; project manager name, program name, project id, project description, starting date, project sponsors, phase, project repository. This information is essential for project Identification, make sure to make it error-free.

Project Status Summary:- Now, in this step, we write the latest updates on the project. It has 5 points that must be covered.

  • Overall Project Status: – in this section, we indicate with an alphabet (G for growing, P for in-progress, S for Stop) or we can use colors (Green for Good, Yellow for progress, Red for Risk) that show either project is complete, in progress, or stop due to any reason.
  • Scope: – In this section, we indicate either our project is going on according to its scope or not. For this purpose, we can use the color scheme that we already set.
  • Resources: – This section indicates how much resources have been utilized or are being utilized and how much is left or needed.
  • Schedule: – This very important part of project reporting. Because our whole project lying on it. The schedule section shows either our project is running according to our purposed schedule or not.
  • Quality: – In the quality section, we write about the overall project quality analysis of our project. That shows either our project can full fill quality assurance test or not.
  • Project Status Summary: – In this section, we write down a brief summary of overall project progress and its current status. This is the actual report on the project that we forward to top management for review.

After reviewing project reporting, top management decides how they can change or edit their project plan to meet their required outcomes.

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