In kinds of restaurants and hotels Food Bill Invoice Template XLS helps to serve customers going through back. Using Excel bill templates with standard format of billing process is quite handy and useful in such cases. It saves your time and energy of writing each slip after a short; while through hand and then checks if everything is record perfectly. Using templates avoids your tension of verifying everything as you keep using a consistent draft for this purpose.

All you have to do is to place bill details in a ready food bill invoice XLS and take out the calculated bill. In order to create or edit a template, you need to know required formulas of Excel and the basic knowledge about how to place these formulas. Once you assign different functions to the cells of spreadsheet, you can save them and use for as many times as required. It will remain standard as that of previous bills.

Format of Food Bill Invoice Template XLS

Food Bill Invoice Template XLS

You can have a custom format for food invoice Excel. Margins, lines and sequence of items can be on your choice. There are no restricted outlines for this purpose; however the presence of few basic elements is must to issue a professional and standard Excel invoice bill. For example without including tax details and service charges of meal, your customer won’t simply agree to pay that amount. Hence there are certain elements which shouldn’t be avoided. We have listed a couple of such important points regarding the basic or general format of this draft. Take a look at these points;

  • First of all, write the name of your restaurant or hotel on the main title position
  • Either write or not, the sub heading, stating a short vision statement of your business
  • Then write date, day and time of invoice to cover particular transaction in the record
  • List down all food items served with their individual prices with applied top ups
  • Then write down the total calculated bill in a section, applying the function of addition in spreadsheet
  • After this, add the function of tax percentage calculation in the relevant cell
  • Then list down the total bill with added tax in the final cell of column
  • Below this, write a complimentary or interrogative statement asking about the feedback of customer
  • Write down appropriate and available contact resource for customer complaints and inquiry by adding text box
  • Lastly add the section of signature of cashier or manager to verify the slip
  • These are some primary elements which must be incorporate in this draft.

Benefits of Using Excel Bill Invoice Templates

You can either calculate manually or write your bills by hand, apparently saving the cost of computer and operator. However it is more productive and useful to use Excel templates, as one person can instantly generate an almost ready bill with particular details of each customer. It takes no longer minutes to add up the entire amount using Excel function. You just enter it, and it will automatically be added. Similarly you don’t need to waste your time by tapping your fingers on the calculator. Just apply the formula of tax percentage and it will be automatically calculate and add to the total bill.

Moreover, these templates remain constant in the sequence of items and their details. This approach saves your time, cost of extra people of cash handling and will also boost the speed of billing process.

Get Best Food Bill Invoice Template XLS

You can find plenty of free sample templates online which you can customize according to your needs. in case you don’t find a best match, you can get your personalized Food Bill Excel from skilled and professional template designers.