Microsoft Weekly Task List Excel XLS Template

This Microsoft Weekly Task List Excel Template is used for mentioning and recording your weekly tasks. It helps you to plan and manage about completing your weekly tasks effectively and timely.

All kinds of tasks whether related to office work or household can include in this task list.

Creating a Microsoft Weekly Task List

You can create this list in an MS Excel worksheet. Just open the worksheet and save it as “Weekly Task List”. Create columns in it and assign titles to the columns. Each title will represent different aspects of a task.

For instance; the first column will be titled “Number of Tasks”, the second as “Tasks” and the third as “Tasks Description”. The description should be brief; however, you can mention any length of description depending upon your convenience.

You should not make the listed complex or difficult to read on your own. The deadline and exact time of the task should also mention in the Task list; as this is the most important section of the list.

You must complete all your tasks on time and the list will help you to track the deadline for each task.

Format of Microsoft Weekly Task List Excel Template

This task list is generally created in an MS Excel worksheet that has a tabular structure that can contain many rows and columns.

These rows and columns have many cells in them that can contain information about a lot of categories of tasks that you have to perform whether on a daily basis or on a weekly basis.

Benefits of Using the Microsoft Weekly Task List

Using the weekly task management list has some benefits associated with it. Among them, some benefits are mentioned below:

  • It makes you organized and disciplined in performing your weekly tasks.
  • It lets you keep track of the tasks that you have performed and the tasks you are required to take action on.
  • You can plan your activities timely and efficiently if you have planned your tasks according to the timeline in the task list.
  • You will be able to complete your tasks on time when you keep on viewing the task list daily.
  • If you have mentioned your office work-related tasks in this task management list, then you would be able to perform all your work-related tasks on time. Consequently, you will not become under pressure due to your tasks because you have made a plan to execute them over the week. Completing all your tasks on time in the office will also bring appreciation to you from your boss.

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Sample Microsoft Weekly Task List Excel Template

You can find some sample templates of this task management list on the internet on different informative blogs. You can also download the sample templates and can use them to mention your weekly tasks in them.

Using the downloaded templates will be very convenient for you as you would not have to design them on your own. It would be good if you get a customized list with customized designs.

Umair Iqbal