Get Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template Excel XLS

Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template Excel is used for mentioning the details of the sale. A Vehicle bill excel XLS is actually an invoice that contains the details about the selling of one or more Vehicles to a customer.

This invoice serves as valid proof of the sale of the automobile that takes place between a customer and the automobile seller.

If you have an automobile selling business of your own or if you are working in it and you need to design a Vehicle bill invoice tool, then you can do it in MS Excel by following these steps:

Open the MS Excel worksheet and save it on your computer as a ‘Vehicle Sale Invoice/Bill Template‘.

Include the logo of your company at the top of the worksheet. Also include the name of your company at the top of this document.

Give a title to this document. In this case, the title remains the same as the ‘Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template Excel’.

Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template Excel

Make separate columns in the Excel sheet and assign titles to each column. The first column should have a title of ‘Number of Items’. This column will include the number of automobiles that you may sell to a customer.

The next column will include the model and year of the car. The next column can include the brand name of the car. The price can mention in the next column.

If you are offering any kind of guarantee with the car, then you can mention the guarantee in the separate column or right at the bottom of the worksheet.

You can also include another worksheet to mention the guarantee along with the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

You can include the terms and conditions of selling the automobile either in the same worksheet or in another worksheet or you can also include the terms and conditions in a Microsoft excel document.

The terms and conditions are always found in descriptive form, therefore they are usually written in Microsoft Word document style.

Sample Of Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template Excel

If you do not familiar with Vehicle bill excel, then you can simply search it on the internet where you can find many sample templates of this billing invoice.

Most of the samples that you will find will be free to download. You can use them for your own Vehicle selling business after you download these invoices.

Some samples might have customization designs so that you could bring changes in their designs in order to make them as per your preferences.

On the other hand, you will also find those invoices which will have fully customize designs and you will not have to spend any additional time or effort for bringing changes in their designs. Rather, you can use it as it is. Just download a sample template and start using it.

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You should include the official stamp of your company and your signatures as well as the signatures of the customer in the Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template Excel when you deliver the Bill to the customer.

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