Multiple Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a tool to manage your project in a singular and united way, then this article will help you a lot. The project portfolio dashboard template provides you a chance to analyze and manage your project in one place.

This is a tool that centralizes and collects the project in a way that things get easy to handle. It helps in making sure everything is unified for batter handling and analysis. This tool uses different tactics to investigate the proposed and actual performance of the project.

The main objective of using a project portfolio dashboard template is to make sure that the project goal is achieved on time. The main benefit of this tool is multitasking as you can manage many things at a time.

Another important feature is that the project portfolio dashboard is very useful in managing multiple projects at a time.  As often it happens that the project manager works on more than one project at a time, to deal with this situation a proper tool must be used to keep things under control.

There comes the use of a project portfolio which saves you the hassle and a lot of time as well.

In this article, we will be discussing the project portfolio dashboard template in detail and also see how it works to manage multiple projects at a time.

What is a Project Portfolio Dashboard?

To manage your project efficiently go for a professional approach and use a proper template for it. So, if you are hunting for a professional to manage several projects at a time without overworking your team the project portfolio dashboard is the best pick for you.

This provides grounds for the high level of organization and management of dealing with multiple projects. This tool through a variety of key performance indicators manages different areas of projects.

Furthermore, the portfolio dashboard saves you from going back and forth looking for data for different projects, as you will be having everything in one place. All the data is collected and available at one place in this tool and helps you make use of it when needed.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

This makes things easy, stratified, and professionally manageable. And working on several projects at a time saves your time and money as well.

The project portfolio is quite alike the project management KPI dashboard with some little changes in it. Though, the main difference is the project portfolio dashboard deals with the KPIs of multiple projects instead of one.

Key Elements of Project Portfolio Dashboard

The best project portfolio dashboard is the one that fulfills the needs and requirements of each project included in it. It must also make sure that all the challenges are also handled properly.

Moreover, a portfolio dashboard must be efficient in making sure that the resources are well managed and handled properly. The dashboard must also be customizable, so it can be altered according to the needs of a project.

This tool is useful in running multiple projects and has them differentiated from each other.  The adherence of business strategy, value, and performance is also monitored and handled by this tool

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

A general project portfolio dashboard includes the overall summary of all the projects in terms of the following elements:

  1. The first one is the project details, summary, and brief overview.
  2. Keeping a to-do list in the portfolio dashboard makes things easy to work with
  3. Millstones must also be added to a project portfolio dashboard
  4. The tracking of all the activities is also a very important and essential part.
  5. The status and performance of the project must also be added to it.
  6. Team workload and management are also other significant element.
  7. A summary of all the projects happing’s should also be added.

There are some useful templates which part of the Project Portfolio Dashboard category is often are as follows:

Project Task Management

When working with more than one project at a time you can easily find yourself lost in a pool of tasks. As the projects usually have multiple tasks associated and having more than one project makes things even more tricky and difficult.

In a Project Portfolio Dashboard, each project task is managed separately using a project task management tool. This makes this easy and manageable at the same time. By doing this the load is shared properly and there are fewer chances of making mistakes.

Resource Management

Resources are a very important part of any project and must he have handled with care. In a case where you need to work with various us projects at a time, you need to use a resource management tool to keep things on track. As if the resources are mismanaged it can result in the failure of the whole project.

Accordingly, it is very important that the resources of each project in a Project Portfolio Dashboard should be managed and organized professionally.

Risk Management

When managing a project, no matter what size or type make yourself ready for risks and hazards.  As every project faces an issue at some point during its lifecycle.

Therefore, it is battering to get yourself ready for the situation by having a suitable tool on hand.  There is quite a variety of tools and templates are available in the market to deal with risks.

Accordingly, all you need to do is to have a risk management tool on hand to use when needed. It is not a good idea to ignore any identified issues, even small ones.

As it has been observed that the smaller ones can turn into a big issue if left unnoticed.

Project To-Do-List

Every project has a list of things that needs to be done. In the case of project portfolio as we know the manager must focus on multiple projects at a time.

Subsequently, often projects managers use a project to-do list for every project separately. Doing this makes things easy and simple and allows you to make lesser mistakes.