Scrum Product Backlog Template Excel

Scrum Product Backlog Template Excel

Controlling and measuring the projects from initiation till delivery is never so efficient without Scrum Product Backlog Template.

Acting is the same manner as the ultimate to-do list; it ensures you are not missing any vital elements which are required fully for the success of any project. To say nothing of, coordinating activities of the project team, setting priorities for the orders, and track project risks on the earlier stage this template is very useful.

It shows your list of actions that need to be done to accomplish an agile project.

Scrum Product Backlog

Though the primary purpose of the backlogs is to document the requirements and work items, practically speaking, much more could be achieved by creatively structuring them and prioritizing the items.

Timely alerts on tasks are additional features of the template which ensure project managers are never missing anything important. You are now able to ultimately deliver high quality and better outcomes which means more profitability!

Scrum Product Backlog Template Excel Format

Thinking about how to use the template? Download it now to get a free user guide. You can learn about the layout of a sheet in detail as well here now:

Scrum Product Backlog Template Excel


Start by filling up this section of the template. Enter your company name and project name for which this template is specifically used here.


It is time to enter the theme for the project. Notice the sample agile excel template is about software house and apps development.

The theme may consist of games or non-functional. Dealing with any other sort of project again this template can be use differential.


Now it’s time to enter the person responsible for “as” or “as”. Enter the role of the specific person here for the project.

A list may consist of a moderator, estimator, researcher, etc. fill this section carefully as it shows the person responsible for the action later!

I want to…

Now enter the project which is desired. The list may consist of creating a new game, invite estimators by sharing the URL, have the application respond automatically to my orders & more.

So that…

Now enter the objective behind developing the required app. It may consist of I can start inviting estimators, let’s play the game, I don’t get bored and any other!


Start adding the notes for the required action. A sample column here may hold the notes like if games cannot be saved, the description is useless, no names or story text should be saved.


Add the priority for the action. It may consist of high, low, or medium. You can enter the details here as well!


Now add the status for the action here. In the list, done or pending or any other action status can be added here.

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