Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel


You can now analyze a new project quickly, its strengths and weaknesses with the stakeholder analysis template. The free excel template Is now available here, just download it for quick access.

Stakeholder management is vital for project success. Either you are an external stakeholder or an internal stakeholder, you can now analyze your projects at an early stage with this accessible excel worksheet.

Moreover, it consists of an assortment of spreadsheets for better organization and administration. This can keep you well-engaged throughout! Also, review Risk and Issue Log Template.

Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel

Stakeholder analysis is referred to as the identification/evaluation of those factors, groups, resources, and individuals that are beneficial for project success or have the same interest regarding a project.


After that, the project manager decides how they can use this kind of analysis information in project planning, policymaking, and action plans.

As a matter of fact, are you aware of your company stakeholders? What does really mean? And why their analysis is vital?

Not to mention this, Examination is essential to any association particularly at the underlying phase of another task. Additionally, you can utilize the partner investigation format to list your partners. (i.e stakeholders**)

Key Elements of Stakeholder Analysis Template

Below, here are some key elements that must include in conducting an analysis;

Identifying the major stakeholders (these can be various levels—local, regional, national)

Investigating their roles, interests, relative power, and desire to participate

Identifying the extent of cooperation or conflict in the relationships among stakeholders

Determining how the findings of the analysis should be incorporated into your overall funding effort and your project’s methodology

Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel Format

Let’s get started with; either you can create your own template or start using any of the listed below:

  • What is more vital than becoming aware of the people, somehow linked with the project, and how they are interfering with it? what are your project issues and problems?
  • Speaking about this, this is generally the initial step, a significant vital one for giving accentuation on the normal result. Project stakeholder analysis worksheet consists of: “purpose”, “stakeholder analysis” & “stakeholder interview”.
  • Notably, you can improve the quality of your projects and outcomes. Create a detailed plan for your projects now, by downloading this one!

Stakeholder Strategy Analysis Template in Excel

Well here are the pros of this one:

  • As an illustration, you are now able to divide all of your company stakeholders in the most relevant group! Who is the most important of them all?
  • By way of example, these players should be educated and fulfilled, yet they convey a lower need than key partners. (i.e list of each group and position as well).
  • On the other hand, you can have a list of the proper plans in the relevant form and detail of each part of the plan as well. enjoy better management and quality outcomes with this excel spreadsheet!

Stakeholder Analysis Matrix Template Excel

Let’s get started with the most popular template:

  • Speaking about this, do you know who is actually most relevant to this project and key players as well! (Make cost analysis for your current project).
  • In a like manner, do you know about the authorization power of stakeholders and their decision priority and strength as well? you can now have access to it!
  • Furthermore, your company can utilize the partner examination layout to play out an investigation once or routinely to track after some time changes**.

Creating the best stakeholder analysis excel template

You may use these ideas:

  • Likewise, use these excel templates to help guarantee purchase in and get knowledge for venture upgrades.
  • Similarly, the data gathered in a partner investigation is crucial for your project’s success.
  • Use conditional formatting!

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