Top Rated Human Resource Excel Templates

Human Resource Excel Templates

The top human resources excel templates are tools that aid in project management during the project life until the closure phase. Human resources on the project are a vital part of all projects.

It is important to plan perfectly for human resource templates to secure success for a project!

These HR templates ensure that you get human resources with skills, team building strategies, and effectively manage team members and their individual activities.

Human Resources Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel is an important tool for human resources (HR) professionals. Whether you are a part of a small organization or a large one, MS Excel is helpful for you to manage data to hire employees for your organization.

It comes in handy to create and implement processes to adequately organize and retrieve data. Below is a collection of Excel templates that are valuable to help in human resources (HR) activities and tasks.

Human Resource Excel Templates

Attendance Tracker Template

An attendance schedule is a document to record the attendance of every employee to maintain the policies of organizations around the employee’s work schedule. It records the presence, absence, vacations, sick leave of employees.

Use this employee attendance tracker template to document each employee’s schedule. This template is customizable to put the details on the structure of attendance tracking.

This template helps to calculate the salary to absent, present, vacations, late comings, on training, and other leaves. You can also add tabs for each week or each month to maintain employee’s files safe and secure and keep the working history of employee attendance.

By keeping an eye on employee’s attendance records you can further increase the performance of an organization.

This template is helpful for accountants to calculate salary and also for human resources (HR) assistants for employee profit-relevant records.

Employee Vacation Schedule Template

Employee vacation schedule template helps the human resource (HR) managers to track the vacations days when employees will be off. It provides a handy way to track and display the time they take and earn for an entire year.

Use it to enter data in a simple day, put your own hour’s format and this will calculate the total time per month or week, total days of vacation, and how much sick time is available for the employee.

It’s the demand of every employee to take vacations to refresh themselves. Vacations need proper measuring to perfectly execute everything in a finite time of the frame and this is where this template is effective and comes in handy.

Use this simple vacation scheduling template and track employee’s vacations, their days off, when they will available, and whether they are reachable when away.

Employee Timesheet Template

Creating an employee timesheet is useful to track the working time on a weekly or monthly basis when finalizing the payroll process. This sheet comes with pay rate, over time and its rate, sick and vacations column.

This employee timesheet template is easy to customize your special payroll practices too. Additionally, you can ask your employees to keep a daily timesheet log so it will become easy for you to track their daily activities.

This timesheet template permits you to make one file for each employee and track his/her time on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and quickly calculate totals of employee payroll.

As this template is customizable, you can attach a different row for separate pay rates and for overtime hours!

Shift Scheduling Template

Employee scheduling is a vital part of management for any organization to do their employee shift schedules faster, exceptional, and easier. Shift scheduling template shows daily (or weekly) shifts for every employee on an hourly basis and with some space to assign tasks.

Proper scheduling lets you run business operations smoothly, makes it simple to track labor costs and schedule changes.

This template helps you to create employee’s daily and weekly shift schedules and you can customize starting day.

It serves as a great communication gadget for employees by updating the shift calendar. The simple format makes it easy to use and clear to read.


Employee Skill Profile Template

The training of new hires is important to measure how successful he will in his role. Though the course of training is differing from company to company, it’s a great idea to have a training period for an employee.

Employee Skill profile Template helps you to make a list of effective training programs and allows him to learn details of how he needs to work.

The training could last one day or one week depending on the employee job profile, but it’s imperative to have a training schedule/plan for newcomers. It’s also helpful to define each training session’s tasks and steps and to identify the progress of new recruits.

Starting an all-new training schedule can be difficult, so it’s great to have the advantage of skill training templates.

Employee Evaluation Template

To ensure that business is running at its peak, the employee performance review procedure is compulsory. Its best for businesses to tell the employees what they are performing wrong and where they can improve.

Using an employee evaluation template, you can manage the reviewing process on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. The basic goal behind all this evaluation process is to improve employee’s performance and long-term development of the organization.

Using employee evaluation forms makes it easier for you to take big decisions like sacking an employee. You can point out the particular reasons for your decisions.

So, use this template to keep an authentic record of your employees, identify staff that needs improvement, and is able to defend your decisions.

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