Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel (WBS)

wbs work package

Work breakdown structure (WBS) is a project management tool that is being used by different organizations and project managers. Basically, it’s a technique that split up the whole project plan into small pieces of tasks and work packages.

This WBS technique is more effective to manage and evaluate and assign tasks to team members or groups. This tool also helps us to focus on project core deliverables, tasks, milestones.

In megaprojects, there are sub-projects within a megaproject that are called work packages or sub-tasks. Example:

wbs work package

WBS Template in Project Management

  1. There are several benefits to using the WBS template in project management:
  2. It helps to evaluate project costs.
  3. Helps in identifying dependencies in a project.
  4. Provides guidelines to develop a project timeline.
  5. Assist you to set up the project schedule.
  6. This WBS helps you to produce an SOW(Statement of work) for your project.
  7. You can set RACI for each team member and policy.
  8. Helps you to manage, monitor, and control tasks.
  9. You can easily identify risks and hazards and make a risk management plan.

These are some core benefits of the WBS template, however, when a project plan is developed, the first thing to do is to split the project plan into a small task. Moreover, in task management, we can use this tool.

Umair Iqbal